Member Profiles

As a way to highlight and celebrate the achievements of our CASWE/L’ACEFE members, we have been profiling various CASWE and QSEC members including their scholarship, committee or community work, awards or publications. Our members are doing great work across the country so if you would like to be profiled or know someone worthy of our recognition, please contact Lisa Starr, CASWE President to have that profile included on our website.

Kris Wells from the University of Alberta is a founding member of our special interest group, Queer Studies in Education and Culture. His doctoral research, which focused on addressing sex, sexual, and gender differences in K-12 education, received several national and provincial awards including a Killam Doctoral Fellowship, a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Graduate Scholarship, the Alberta Teachers’ Association Doctoral Fellowship, and the Alberta Award for the Study of Canadian Human Rights and Multiculturalism. CASWE Profile – Wells

Christina Skorobohacz from Brock University was profiled in March 2011. Since that time, Christina spearheaded the CASWE Ambassadors initiative seeking individuals to liaise at institutions across Canada to be CASWE contacts an the ground. Her work with CASWE has helped her to: (a) develop a deeper understanding of concepts, theories, and issues pertaining to gender and education; (b) build extensive service-related skills important to professorial work; and (c) demonstrate engaged academic citizenship by taking on leadership roles and striving to make a contribution to a broader community of scholars. CASWE Profile – Skorobohacz

Tonya Callaghan from the University of Calgary first became a member of CASWE in 2005 during the first year of her Master’s degree. Her research has always revolved around CASWE themes such as encouraging social justice in matters related to gender. Tonya’s doctoral study Holy Homophobia: Doctrinal Disciplining of Non-Heterosexuals in Canadian Catholic Schools is a good example of CASWE’s new expansion of the study of women and education in that it employs feminist methodologies to explore how power operates to keep particular women such as lesbians, trans-identified women and other sexual minorities contained and controlled in the overly hierarchical, patriarchal, heterosexist and homophobic institution of the Canadian Catholic school. CASWE Profile – callaghan

Sarah Bonsor Kurki is from the University of Victoria. She currently holds the positions of Program Chair and Treasurer for CASWE. Sarah’s research highlights the continued need to help adolescents, in particular young women, are making sense of the messages found in the media and to consider how their identity formation is influenced as well. As she engages more and more in her research, Sarah says “the more I realize how feminism has shaped my thinking in the past and how it continues to shape my development as a Canadian scholar in Education”.  CASWE Profile – Bonsor kurki

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