Canadian Journal of Education/Revue canadienne de l’éducation

The Canadian Journal of Education(CJE-RCÉ) is a national peer-reviewed journal sponsored by the membership of the Canadian Society for the Study of Education. The CJE-RCÉ prioritizes research and scholarly writing that is of

Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 3.11.58 PMrelevance to the Canadian education community. The journal is read by scholars worldwide, and aims to represent the valuable contributions that Canadian scholars in education continue to make to the field. The Journal accepts and publishes both French and English articles and book reviews. CJE-RCÉ on occasion also publishes international papers that shed light on shared issues and that include Canadian authors as references.

The CJE-RCÉ is a broad-based Journal that, from multiple perspectives, takes up issues that are critical to the education community. The CJE-RCÉ aims to be a forum for authors to share ideas and connect theory to practice in meaningful ways for the education community in Canada and beyond, including scholars, funding agencies, researchers, educators, practitioners, learning communities, policy makers, and the public. The CJE-RCÉ’s goal is to foster understanding and societal betterment through the publication of articles describing research-generated insights and solutions.

Authors should be familiar with the following policy guidelines:

  • The CJE-RCÉ welcomes all forms of scholarly writing and all methodologies
  • Articles may address education both in and out of schools, and across the lifespan
  • Articles must be written from an expert’s point of view but framed in language that is accessible to those working from other disciplinary and transdisciplinary perspectives.

Authors who wish to consult an Editor regarding the suitability of an article for the CJE-RCÉ’s mandate are invited to submit an inquiry and an abstract to: <>