2015-2016 Research Project

Since its formation in 1993, the Canadian Association for the Study of Women and Education has been a space dedicated to promoting feminist scholarship and pedagogy, and to exploring the influence of emerging paradigms made possible by the contributions of women. Now in its 23rd year, CASWE continues to function as a meeting place for both alternative and traditional views of educational research by appealing to a broad and diverse membership. Significantly, as CASWE’s membership continues to grow and to diversify, so do the scholarly and pedagogical interests that it represents.

In an effort to trace the evolution of scholarly and pedagogical interests supported by CASWE over the years, we are leading a research project that aims to provide an historical account of the diverse interests and voices that CASWE has represented since its inception. Data that will be gathered and analyzed as part of this project include: CASWE conference programs, interviews with past and present executive members, and audiovisual archival materials. Findings from this project will be shared with CASWE members at a CASWE highlighted session during CSSE 2016. It is our hope that findings from this research will help to illuminate the historical voices and visions represented by CASWE within the broader Canadian educational research community. Moreover, we envision using these findings as a point of departure for the ongoing development of CASWE and its programming.

In order to realize this research project, we are inviting the collaboration of past and present CASWE members: 15-16ResearchProject_Call for participation. If you are interested in collaborating or if you have comments or questions, please send an email to: Ashley DeMartini (ashley.demartini@gmail.com) by September 11th, 2015. Please include the following information in your email:

Your name:
Institutional affiliation:
Position (e.g., grad student, independent researcher, professor):
Preferred email address:
Research interest(s):
Methodological experience/interest(s):
How long you’ve been a member of CASWE:

Thank you, and we look forward to collaborating with you!
Ashley DeMartini
Brittany Jakubiec
Jessica Prioletta
Lee Airton
Lindsay Herriot
Tieja Thomas

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