In an effort to acknowledge those who have made an outstanding contribution to women and education, each year CASWE offers a number of awards to both emerging and established scholars/practitioners. The call for nominations for these awards is normally announced in the fall, through both CASWE and CSSE communication channels.

CASWE Achievement Award

The CASWE/ACÉFÉ Achievement Award is offered annually to a Canadian woman or group of women who has/have made an outstanding contribution to women and education. It acknowledges contributions in teaching, scholarship, and/or sustained service to community and society. Prize The award will consist of an announcement made at the annual AGM of CSSE/SCÉÉ; a news … Continue reading CASWE Achievement Award

CASWE Graduate Student Awards

The Canadian Association for the Study of Women and Education (CASWE/ACÉFÉ) is an associate member in the Canadian Society for the Study of Education. CASWE/ACÉFÉ has the responsibility for providing forums for discussion and action related to women’s issues in education within CSSE/SCÉÉ, within Canadian Faculties of Education, and where appropriate, in society at large.  … Continue reading CASWE Graduate Student Awards

Carol Crealock Memorial Award

The recipient of the Carol Crealock Award should enact a professional identity that embodies the qualities Carol became known for among her colleagues and associates. Therefore, the annual winner of this distinguished joint CAEP/CASWE award should: (a) have a strong sense of justice and passion for equity; (b) be collegial, supportive, and a mentor for … Continue reading Carol Crealock Memorial Award