CASWE/L’ACEFE Ambassadors

The Canadian Association for the Study of Women and Education / Association Canadienne Pour L’étude sur les Femmes et L’éducation (CASWE/L’ACEFE), in conjunction with our special interest group devoted to Queer Studies in Education and Culture (QSEC) is seeking enthusiastic and committed individuals to serve as CASWE Ambassadors across each of the institutions where we currently have CASWE representation. CASWE Ambassadors will serve as important liaisons between CASWE members at their home institution and the CASWE Executive, ensuring that diverse needs, interests, and voices are heard and represented. Your duties as a CASWE Ambassador will include: disseminating CASWE updates and information to professors, students, and staff at your institution; increasing CASWE’s visibility at your institution; helping to attract new members; assisting the Executive in building an accurate profile of our membership; and raising issues or suggestions that will aid in the ongoing revitalization and expansion of our association. As a CASWE Ambassador, you may experience the following benefits:

  • involvement in mentoring relationships,
  • an opportunity to have your research profiled in a future CASWE newsletter,
  • a chance to network with scholars who share similar commitments, and
  • an opportunity to enhance your CV and demonstrate your commitment to service.

If you are a current CASWE member and are interested in serving as your institution’s CASWE Ambassador, please email Kathy Sanford, CASWE President at

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