CASWE/ACÉFÉ is now accepting nominations for three awards:

  1. CASWE/ACÉFÉ Achievement Award
  2. CASWE/ACÉFÉ Graduate Student Awards
  3. Carol Crealock Memorial Award

Detailed information about each award is posted in the awards section of theCASWE/ACÉFÉ website. Here is a brief description of each award:

CASWE/ACÉFÉ Achievement Award

The CASWE/ACÉFÉ Achievement Award is offered annually to a Canadian woman or group of women who has/have made an outstanding contribution to women and education. It acknowledges contributions in teaching, scholarship, and/or sustained service to community and society.

Prize: The award will consist of an announcement made at the annual AGM of CSSE/SCÉÉ; a news item for home university PR Office, if relevant, and other coverage as possible; a letter of acknowledgement and congratulations to the relevant home institution; and a certificate of recognition.

Deadline: All submissions must be emailed to Dr. Lisa Starr (lisa.starr2@mcgill.ca ), Past-president CASWE/ACÉFÉ by February 28, 2017.

Submission Requirements: The following documents are to be submitted:

  1. a nomination letter, referring to above criteria
  2. nominee’s biographical package that could include a curriculum vitae and/or other selected materials to support the nomination, such as: personal narrative, video, CD, poetry, etc…
  3. at least two supporting letters relevant to the nomination; one letter should be from a CASWE/ACÉFÉ member

CASWE/ACÉFÉ Graduate Student Awards

CASWE/ACÉFÉ encourages the submission of papers or projects that utilize feminist conceptualizations and methodologies, or have at their center research on women and education.  CASWE/ACÉFÉ encourages proposals that broaden the definition of traditional research to include innovative and creative research methodologies, including but not limited to:

  • artistic renderings such as documentary research;
  • new definitions of ‘research’ as theorized by marginalized populations;
  • research that emerges from questions without answers, from feminist querying;
  • arts-based inquiry;
  • original data collection;
  • meta analysis; and
  • performance, and/or symbolic artistic expression

Prize: The graduate students who are awarded the Masters and Doctoral prizes will receive numerous benefits from CASWE/ACÉFÉ.  All nominees will be encouraged to attend a session during the regular CASWE/ACÉFÉ program at the annual CSSE/SCÉÉ conference to present their proposals to the CASWE/ACÉFÉ membership.  The winning proposals will be highlighted on the CASWE/ACÉFÉ web-site, and will be included in any proceedings and/or publications created by CASWE/ACÉFÉ.

Deadline: All submissions must be emailed to Dr. Lisa Starr (lisa.starr2@mcgill.ca ), Past-president CASWE/ACÉFÉ by February 28, 2017.

Submission Requirements: Graduate students may apply individually for the award; however, there must be included in the package at least one letter of nomination from a faculty member who can serve as a reference for the student and who will attest to the quality of the research submission. In order to move forward to adjudication, submissions must include the following:

  1. a nomination letter;
  2. an abstract of the research project (no more than 350 words);
  3. the final paper/project to be adjudicated (up to 30 pages in length); and
  4. a letter of support from a faculty member.

Note:  Do NOT send complete dissertations or theses

Carol Crealock Memorial Award

The recipient of the Carol Crealock Award should enact a professional identity that embodies the qualities Carol became known for among her colleagues and associates. Therefore, the annual winner of this distinguished joint CAEP/CASWE award should: (a) have a strong sense of justice and passion for equity; (b) be collegial, supportive, and a mentor for new scholars; (c) engage in collaborative work that links with the academy and community (e.g., academics, practitioners, and possibly parents); (d) conduct research that is recognized as transformational in that it can be readily understood and acted upon; and (e) have initiated collaborative research projects that have had a positive impact on both the academy and the wider community.

Deadline: All submissions must be emailed to Dr. Lisa Starr (lisa.starr2@mcgill.ca ), Past-president CASWE/ACÉFÉ by February 28, 2017.

Prize: The award recipient will receive a $200 prize and a certificate of recognition, awarded at the CSSE/SCÉÉ annual conference.

Submission Requirements: Nominators should submit:

  1. A nomination letter
  2. The nominee’s current curriculum vitae and
  3. Letters of support. At least two supporting letters from persons who are able to attest to the outstanding nature of the nominee’s contributions are welcome. Individuals who submit letters of support need not be members of CAEP/CASWE

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