Call for Nominations – CASWE Executive

Greetings CASWE/ACÉFÉ members.

As our annual conference approaches, I am excited for what looks to be an engaging CASWE/ACÉFÉ program. As you know, CASWE/ACÉFÉ is a small, dynamic association within CSSE.  CASWE/ACÉFÉ offers a forum for exposing vital components of contemporary education that are frequently rendered invisible by existing pedagogy, curriculum, philosophy, policy, and school organization. Social justice and equity concerns have been constructed in particular ways with a subtle or even conspicuous avoidance of alternative interpretations. Issues of gender pervade social justice and equity in aspects of existing pedagogy, curriculum, philosophy, policy and school organization.


Based on a system of two-year terms, there are several expected vacancies on the CASWE/ACÉFÉ Executive. I have listed them below. If you are interested in running for any of the vacant positions, please complete the CASWE/ACÉFÉ Executive Nomination form then email the completed form to Lisa Starr by April 15, 2016.

Executive Nomination form

2016-2018 VACANCIES


DESCRIPTION: The President will work directly with the officers of the association to maintain and advance the mandate of CASWE/ACÉFÉ within the association and with other associations. The President will serve of the Canadian Society for the Study of Education / Société canadienne pour l’étude de l’éducation(CSSE/SCÉÉ) Board of Directors and attend all meetings of the Society. The President in consultation with the Executive Committee will prepare and submit two annual reports to the CSSE/SCÉÉ Board of Directors. The President will chair the Standing Committees for the Conference Proceedings and Awards.



The President-elect will aid the current Executive Committee in any way possible. The President-elect will chair the Standing Committees for Awards. The President elect (chair), President, one Graduate Student Representative and one Member at Large Representative will be responsible for managing nominations as well as the selection of award winners for the Graduate Student awards, Carol Crealock Memorial Award (alternating years) and Achievement Awards. Awards will be presented at the Annual General Meeting.



The Director of Communication will set and administer the strategy for all communications, website, and social media messages and collateral to consistently articulate CASWE/ACÉFÉ’s mission. The Director of Communication will submit a yearly Communication Report for dissemination at the annual AGM.



The Director of Finance (formerly the Treasurer) will oversee the financial administration of CASWE/ACÉFÉ, review procedures and financial reporting, advise the executive committee on the financial outlook for the association, keep up-to-date records as well as, where possible, an audit trail for all transactions, make sure the board understands its financial obligations and liaise with the executive director of CSSE/SCÉÉ.



The Director of Programming (formerly the Program Chair) will serve for two years; one in which she/he/they will organize the program and one in which she/he/they will advise the incoming Director of Programming. This requires a Director of Programming to be elected each year. The Director of Programming will submit a yearly Programming Report for dissemination at the annual AGM.


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