CASWE Updates

NEW Monthly Blog series. At our fall CASWE executive meeting, we met to discuss a number of important issues of interest to the CASWE membership. The executive members are a dynamic group of scholars from across Canada who have amazing ideas, interests and experience. A central theme that arose from our discussions relates to the engagement of our membership. CASWE is more than what take place at the CSSE conference each year. Through our website, we would like to engage in on-going discussions relating to women and gender both in education and society. This month we begin a new monthly blog series, facilitated by the members of the executive.

Seeking a new logo design. We are seeking submissions for new CASWE logo. The logo should be reflective of the CASWE mandate (see below) and represent the dynamic scholarship advocated by CASWE.


  • In August, Tieja Thomas, CASWE’s Director of Communications, successfully defended her PhD dissertation titled, Analyzing online discourses of Canadian citizenship: O Canada! True north, strong, and free? Congratulations to DR. Thomas.
  • In September, Lindsay Herriot, CASWE’s Co-Director of Programming, successfully defended her PhD dissertation titled, Multi-case Study with Canadian Gay Straight Alliances (GSAs). Congratulations to DR. Herriot
  • In September, Dr. Laurie Hill, a CASWE Member– at –large took on a new position at St. Mary’s University in Calgary. Congratulations Dr. Hill on your move.

If you have any announcements relevant to the CASWE membership, please contact Lisa Starr or Tieja Thomas

 Call for papers – CSSE 2016: The call for papers has recently come out for CASWE and QSEC as well as the other associations within CSSE. Thank you to our Directors of Programming, Lindsay Herriot & Saba Alvi for preparing the call. The deadline for paper submissions is November 17, 2015. We encourage each of our members to submit a proposal and to consider inviting colleagues working with gender to do the same. The trend that we have seen in recent years is that important research that reflects CASWE’s mandate also overlaps with the mandates of other associations. Just to refresh your memories:

CASWE/ACÉFÉ offers a forum for exposing vital components of contemporary education that are frequently rendered invisible by existing pedagogy, curriculum, philosophy, policy, and school organization. Social justice and equity concerns have been constructed in particular ways with a subtle or even conspicuous avoidance of alternative interpretations. Issues of gender pervade social justice and equity in aspects of existing pedagogy, curriculum, philosophy, policy and school organization. Key areas of interest for CASWE/ACÉFÉ include: 

  • Equity and Inclusion in Education/Academia
  • Gender Identities and Gender Expression
  • Leadership
  • Feminism and Intersectionality
  • Critical and/or Gender Informed Methodologies
  • Canadian Contexts for Women in Education
  • Feminism in Education

Our membership’s interests and participation in other associations is representative of the intersections in our work.  In looking through past programs many sessions have been offered through larger associations like CATE and CACS that would also fit in CASWE. We hope that those of you as well as your institutional colleagues will consider how gender, feminism and/or intersectionality play out in your research. I know our members would be interested in hearing more about the great gender work happening across the country.

Upcoming CSSE Board of Directors Meeting: The Fall CSSE Board of Directors Meeting is scheduled for November 12-13, 2016 in Toronto, ON. Each of the association presidents as well as the CSSE executive meeting twice yearly for discussion relevant to research in Canadian education and beyond. These meetings are very productive. I will provide an update of the discussion to our CASWE membership following the meeting.

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