The CASWE 2015 AGM will be held on Tuesday, June 2 at 10:00am in LMX 243. This will be a working session to plan for the upcoming year. Please note that CASWE has THREE vacancies on its executive. If you are interested, please forward your name to Lisa Starr,

Executive members 2015-2016:

Lisa Starr (McGill) – President

Catherine McGregor (UVictoria) – Past President

Lindsay Herriot (Alberta) – Director of Programming

Tieja Thomas (Concordia) – Director of Communication

Vacant – Director of Finance

Sarah Bonsor Kurki (UVictoria) – Director of Membership

Kathy Sanford (UVictoria) – Member at Large

Mindy Carter (McGill) – Member at Large

Laurie Hill (UCalgary) – Member at Large

Ashley DeMartini (McGill) – Graduate Student Representative

Brooke Lee (McGill) – Graduate Student Representative

Vacant – Graduate Student Representative

Andre Grace (UAlberta) – QSEC President

Catherine McGregor (UVic) – CJE Advisory Board Representative

Vacant – New Scholars Advisory Board Representative

Dolana Mogadime (Brock) – EI Representative

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