Call for nominations CASWE Graduate Student Award 2015

CASWE Graduate Student Awards

The Canadian Association for the Study of Women and Education (CASWE/ACÉFÉ) is an associate member in the Canadian Society for the Study of Education. CASWE/ACÉFÉ has the responsibility for providing forums for discussion and action related to women’s issues in education within C.S.S.E., within Canadian Faculties of Education, and where appropriate, in society at large.  The Association has a number of objectives, three of which include: (a) To promote exchanges of information about feminist scholarship and pedagogy within C.S.S.E.; (b) To develop forums within C.S.S.E. for social and political action related to women and education; and (c) To assist in promoting the status of women at all Faculties of Education in Canadian universities. In order to meet these objectives, CASWE/ACÉFÉ is proud to announce and solicit submissions for the CASWE Graduate Student Award.


The graduate students who are awarded the Masters and Doctoral prizes will receive numerous benefits from CASWE/ACÉFÉ.  All nominees will be encouraged to attend a session during the regular CASWE/ACÉFÉ program at the annual CSSE conference to present their proposals to the CASWE/ACÉFÉ membership.  The winning proposals will be highlighted on the CASWE/ACÉFÉ web-site, and will be included in any proceedings and/or publications created by CASWE/ACÉFÉ.


As an organization committed to promoting the status of women and education in formal, informal and nonformal contexts, CASWE/ACÉFÉ encourages the submission of papers or projects that utilize feminist conceptualizations and methodologies, or have at their center research on women and education.  CASWE encourages proposals that broaden the definition of traditional research to include innovative and creative research methodologies, including but not limited to:

•artistic renderings such as documentary research;
•new definitions of ‘research’ as theorized by marginalized populations;
•research that emerges from questions without answers, from feminist querying;
•arts-based inquiry;
•original data collection;
•meta analysis; and
•performance, and/or symbolic artistic expression


All graduate students in Canadian universities are welcome to submit a proposal for adjudication of the Award.  Submitters must be a member of CASWE/ACÉFÉ, and have current graduate student status or have graduated less than one year from the date of the award.

Submission Requirements

Graduate students may apply individually for the award; however, there must be included in the package at least one letter of nomination from a faculty member who can serve as a reference for the student and who will attest to the quality of the research submission.

All submissions must be sent by mail or email to the President of CASWE/ACÉFÉ by March 30 of each year.  Once proposals have been received, a committee of no less than 3 members (which should include one graduate student representative, the president-elect, the president, as well as individuals from the general membership) will read and adjudicate the proposals.  In the event that any of the committee members have a conflict of interest or personal relationship with a student submitter, another member will be named to the committee.

In order to move forward to adjudication, submissions must include the following:

•the cover application;
•an abstract of the research project (no more than 350 words);
•the final paper/project to be adjudicated (up to 30 pages in length); and
•a letter of reference/nomination from a faculty member.
•Note:  Do NOT send complete dissertations or theses

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