Call for Nominations – CASWE Achievement Award 2015

CASWE Achievement Award

The CASWE Achievement Award is offered annually to a Canadian woman or group of women who has/have made an outstanding contribution to women and education. It acknowledges contributions in teaching, scholarship, and/or sustained service to community and society.


The award will consist of an announcement made at the annual AGM of CSSE; a news item for home university PR Office, if relevant, and other coverage as possible; a letter of acknowledgement and congratulations to the relevant home institution; and a certificate of recognition.


The recipient(s) will be an active scholar/practitioner who accepts and supports nomination by a peer. They may be nominated in recognition of one or more of the following outstanding contributions to women and education in Canada: (a) original research/practice; (b) innovative feminist teaching; (c) sustained service; (d) other creative work; or (e) a combination of these.

Submission Requirements

In the fall, CASWE will send out a call for nominations for the award. Notice will be included in the following sites:

  • CASWE minutes and CSSE News
  • CASWE and CSSE websites
  • other publications directed toward issues for women and education

The following documents are to be submitted:

  • a letter of support from nominator, referring to above criteria
  • nominee’s biographical package that could include a curriculum vitae and/or other selected materials to support the nomination, such as: personal narrative, video, CD, poetry, etc…
  • at least two supporting letters relevant to the nomination; one letter should be from a CASWE member

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