Invitation to the CATE Action Research Preconference May 24, 2014 at Brock University

The Canadian Association of Teacher Education (CATE) in collaboration with the Canadian Journal of Action Research (CJAR) will be hosting a pre-conference at the 2014 Canadian Society for the Study of Education (CSSE) at Brock University.  Entitled “The Future of Action Research in a Diverse and Changing Canada:  A Call to Action in Teacher Education”, the event will take place at the St. Catharine’s Campus between 10-3pm on May 24th.
Since many of our CASWE members are also members of CATE or have a strong interest in teacher education, CATE has extended an invitation specifically to CASWE members to attend and participate in this preconference. The theme is directly relevant to the mandate of CASWE and will provide CASWE members with an excellent opportunity to contribute to the rich discussions that will take place during this preconference.

Proceedings from this one-day event will be edited and published as a special edition in CJAR (2014, Volume 15). If you are interested in joining this session you must pre-register by contacting Karen Ragoonaden at by March 28, 2014.   No fee will be attached to this pre-conference (parking and lunch not included), and all members of the community are welcome, but it is essential you register in advance.

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